Picture by Marta Rodriguez Perdz

Picture by Marta Rodriguez Perdz

Born in the Netherlands, currently based in Barcelona, Poblenou.

From 2007 Iris has been self-employed as a production designer, art director and all-round stylist. Lately she also started directing. Since 2009 she has started working also on her own artworks and projects, mostly in the fields of collage and stop motion animation. Her collages are being sold on online platforms and in various conceptstores. During many years she has ideas for screenplays & series that she wants to develop.

In 2018 she finished her first short film 'Fight Flight Free' which has been shown in several festivals in Barcelona, and is currently trying to go to the international festivals.

Iris discovered at a young age that she has an eye for esthetics and composition. But besides having ‘the eye’ she wants to tell a story. Therefore she can not dive deep enough in the characters, in what is neccessary to tell that story.

She can collect or create thousands of details and putting them in order (or chaos) to create that synergetic picture and tell the story the client is looking for. Or select her team carefully to help create that picture with her. Set builders, artists, performers, propbuilders, she will not rest before the team is complete. A team that is not only suitable for the job, but even more important, that has a positive attitude & a good vibe.


She would love to make album covers, artwork and music video’s for musicians, or other artists, or commercial clients.

Iris Jacobs is a Dutch director, art director & visual artist.

I got to know Iris as a passionate art director. She has a special eye and a perfect feeling for color and composition. All the projects I did with Iris she did with the same enthusiasm. Small projects she handles efficient & goal oriented, but also the organisation and coordination over a bigger art team she runs without any problem. She offers a wide selection of choices to the costumer but always withing the style frames she designed in the first place. Iris is a professional but also a nice personality to have on set. I enjoy working with her.

Guido Elenbaas / Wenneker TV
After working with Iris for several times I can say that her eye for color and composition are only rivalled by her focus, both on details and the bigger picture. She’s able to create moods and worlds for any budget, or add depth to a character just by combining a few simple items. Iris is an art director with a capital A. And R. And T.

Jonathan Herzberg - Writer, director storycoach
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“I enjoy working with Iris. She is a very dedicated, passionate and professional allround stylist.
With her enthusiasm, creativity and personality she brings every set to life.”

Floor Brasjen Producer Big Shots
I think Iris is cool, inspiring,enterprising, smart, quick and tasteful. She really looks carefully to decide what an image needs to make it better. Playfull.

Jona Rotting / Studio Jona
I worked with Iris Jacobs on the television drama series Suspicious Minds (5 x 25 min) for which she had the task of completely designing and furnishing a former office into a believable home. Not only did she manage to do that, she was also able to create an atmosphere that gave the series it’s unique look.

Ivo van Aart - Writer & Director
Picture by Sarah Mei Herman

Picture by Sarah Mei Herman

Jacobs explores human standards and behavior through aesthetics, to discover emotions, and unmask subconscious patterns. Playing with and mixing colors, structures, interiors, geometric forms, objects, people and lyrics, she tries to communicate her way of looking at the world. By turning everything upside down and inside out and building it up again, she creates a new reality, but also refers to multiple realities, happening at the same time. Versatile spaces appear like abstract structures and invite the viewer to visit different or maybe even new territories?

In the next years she would like to focus on multidiscplinary filmmaking and working with several dancers, choreographers, directors, actors and artists from any kind and from all around the world. Her wish is to learn more about directing actors & dancers, to experiment with movement and the performing arts. If you are reading this and think you know or have a project in mind, please reach out.

She will also continue making collage art. She is working on new work after her latest exhibition ’opened the 9th of november ‘Close To Silence’ at Salitre Barcelona..

Do you need an art director for a movie, art project, shop, or whatever? Her eyes can be used for your benefit. Iris can create a whole concept but also can take care of parts of it..

Iris is ready to fly everywhere, as long as she can discover, learn, collaborate and create.


‘Best Art Direction’ Broet Film festival for short film: 'De Blauwe Bus'  from Sanne Kortooms.

Festivals & Screenings

Cinema Club


' Short & Sweet '

Exhibitions & Conceptstores

Juliu Plant Concept Store C/Badajoz Poblenou > Plantcut & Dandyplant

Ozz Barcelona > ‘Las Bestias Extraordinaires’

Market Cuina Fresca > ‘ Las Bestias Extraordinaires ‘

Salitre Barcelona November 2018 > ‘Close To Silence’


1998 - 2000 Amsterdam Fashion Institute / Montaigne. 

2000 - 2001 Grafisch lyceum Amsterdam.

2001 – 2005 Hogeschool van Amsterdam – Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming // BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK