Curious Creatives
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Curious Creatives

Curious Creatives. We are curious are we? Or are we sitting alone at home, waiting for the right moment that stuff will happen?

This network event is for creatives who like to connect with other creatives, from any discipline. 
Because Studio Iris Jacobs believes there are many creative souls around who are in need to share their ideas, ask questions, collaborate and want to get inspired by eachother.
But not only to get inspired! Actually, this event is to actively promote yourself and others, and help eachother move forward.
Resistance is a big thing for most of us, therefore we need to come out of our studios, homes and caves to start to connect and make it happen. The time is now. 

For who is this event?

* Dancers
* Actors
* Directors
* Painters
* Collage Artists
* Singers
* Stylists
* Interior Designers
* Art Directors
* Musicians
* Designers
* Architects
* Entrepeneurs
* Writers
* Visual Artist
* Animators
* Curators
* Any kind of artist, filmmaker, graphic designer, motion designer, choreographer, circus artist, Creative Chef, Events organizer, production company whatever. 

The thing is, you don't need to be multidisciplinary yourselve to embrace the multidisciplinary approach. 
And in Dutch we say: ' Je Weet Nooit Hoe een Koe een Haas Vangt' 
Which means: 'You never know how a Cow can Catch a Rabbit' (something like that) 
Which means: You never know, what will happen, but there happens more when you do something, then when you do nothing)

Do I need to do anything?
We will do a presentation round where you can tell a bit about yourself, the project(s) that you are working on, and what you long for and miss, or can offer and give, so we might can help eachother. 

Your RSVP will only taken seriously if you send an email with your full name & your ID to:

For any questions you can also send an email.

Studio Iris Jacobs provides coffee, tea & water & the space, noteblocks and a nice atmosphere to meet eachother. 
For the rest: take your shiney or frustrated selve, but be ready to get out of your comfortzone. 
This is an open space for shaking things up, not obligatory. 
The event is free, but a non mandatory donation is appreciated. 

Hasta pronto! ♥

Studio Iris Jacobs

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