What is production design? 

If your familiar with this, you know. If you visit this page because you need a production designer, you probably know. But for example when my mother tells in birthdays what I am doing, she doesn't really know how to explain, and the people still have no clue. Maybe you also don't really know and therefore I decided to write something about it. 

The challenge for a production designer is to research in depth what a scenario or script is about. To dive deep in to the heads of the charactres, the story, the locations, the arena, the motives and drives of people. One of the most important tools that a production designer needs, is the ability to visualize. To imagine all. Even bigger, to feel it, to emphasize. I think it's a plus if you are high sensitive. If you have a sixt sense for the deeper drives and underlying motives that people have. To feel the 'undertow'.  To intuively know it. Its not only about how things look, but the layes and structures you add to it, to let people believe its the place where the charactre lives, or where the story is presented. To add something to the story that makes it excallerate, come alive, complementary to the story. 

Based on the script you are creating a new world. 

To be able to do all of this its also important that you have an interest in life. Basically in every aspect of it. From to how people life from different cultures and layers of society, to esthetics, to taste, to psychology, to sociology, to food, to rituals, to how a flower grows and how the sea moves. Basically producion designers, and directors are great observers, and they learn by watching, researching and doing. 

The arena of working is very wide, from finding locations to design costumes, to searching and making props to designing, build and decorate a complete set.

Besides being emphatic and be able to visualize,  its important to be a leader, have talent for organisation and communication and to collaborate. 

I hope to see you soon, to talk about a new world to create. 

Iris Jacobs